Friday, July 2, 2010


I will be leaving this blog in its original state for people to read about Neala and our experience with PRAA. I am simply heartbroken over all of this and appreciate all of your support.

After much thought, I have decided to send a letter to the vet hospital about her care. There is one key thing that should not have happened and I feel inevitably led to her death- and that was feeding her a rather solid wet canned food immediately after this delicate surgery. Since her breathing was not compromised before the surgery, it is evident this compaction of food in her esophagus that led to her death occured while at the Center. This compaction of food probably would have been avoided if they had fed her the appropriate Science Diet A/D, watered down, versus regular Science Diet Kitten Food. I cannot allow this mistake to happen again to someone else's baby further down the road.

Here is the follow-up blog to Gotta Have Faith...


  1. This is just an awful terrible event - I am truly sorry.

    I think it's a wonderful idea to keep this blog for Neala. I've read all of June's post and it's just heartbreaking to realise how you started with such optimism and joy - how Neala was this wonderful little kitty with a great big personality full of kitty uniqueness and beauty.

    This is absolutely a terrible tragic loss. Tragic.

    I look forward to your new blog.

    Please take care

  2. Again, sorry for your loss. I think it's a great idea to file a complaint. As you said in an earlier post, mistakes will happen, but if this truly led to her death, than it was more than a "mistake." Maybe your complaint will help other pets.


  3. SO sorry to hear about Neala's passing...I can understand the frustration with the vets and wondering if things had gone differently, would she still be with us. Sending more purrs your way for comfort and for guidance.

  4. We are all so sorry for your loss of Neela - I know that all of us had come to love her from your posts and we are just so hearbroken that you are having to go through this. We are sending you lots of purrs and prayers and comforting hugs, and I wish we could do more.

  5. Ou hearts are broken over the loss of Neala. Even though we didn't get to know her well, we came to love her in the short time she was here. We can only imagine how you feel. We are purring for you and send you comforting hugs to help you through this sad time....

  6. We are heart broken, we can't imagine how you feel. We are so so sorry and feel your loss.. Please keep us posted as to what happens with the vet hospital. HOpefully her short life will not be in vain and thye will learn something from their mistake. We are sendng you our hugs, purrs and prayers.

  7. I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope that her story can help other kittens in the future. And I hope that hostpital learns a lesson.

  8. we are hart broken at neala at the bridge. Maxie has a smillar problem and has to eat AD also if we feed him food any other type it need to be placed in a blender with the right amoutn of water. we are hart broken for your loss. we hope your story helps others

    Laura Lilly Lu, iris and maxie

  9. I am so sorry. May she rest in peace.