Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Post-post Surgery Evening Update

We went up to visit tonight- didn't get a good photo since it was just me and the crazy four year old (who did get a nice picture of my butt and my legs, but not of the kitten!).

Neala's temp is GOOD as of right now. It is 101.5 or so, which is normal for a cat. They took her off of the external heating system about half an hour before I visited. She FELT normal, which is so much more important to me. You can feel when a Sphynx is doing very badly- they feel cool and abnormal once you are used to the warmth of their skin.

The staff was very sweet- they mentioned that she looks completely different from last night. She is much quieter tonight then she was last night, but that is because she's struggling to breathe due to that food sitting on her lungs. The vet who saw her today tried to pass a tube down her esophagus to draw some of it off of her lungs, but she was not interested in allowing this to happen. Poor girl- it would have relieved so much of that labored breathing, I am sure!
To ensure people understand- the kitten food was IN her esophagus, but it had formed into a pocket that was then pushing into her lungs, making it hard to breathe. She did not have kitten food in her lungs- her esophagus had ballooned out from the kitten food and was taking up space her lungs needed to fill with air.

She just cuddled, for the most part. She doesn't have the energy to do anything else.

But she's fighting this- she wants to go home safe and sound as much as we want her to...

Update tomorrow morning- promise!

Evening Update

I may go in to see her once the younger kids are sleeping...

Her temp is up to 99 degrees- that is wonderful since it was 97.5 earlier! They are still giving her fluids- they seem to be helping.

She just vomitted a decent amount of food. As horrible as that sounds, that too may be a good thing because she may have just moved that lodged food off of her lungs, at least some of it.

The surgeon who did her PRAA surgery is going to insert the feeding tube in the morning. There was a reason given for this, but heck if I can remember it now.

Just to make sure everyone understands- the staff at this hospital has been wonderful. The surgeon did a kickbutt job at fixing her PRAA and she did survive the surgery and the initial recovery. I DO question them feeding her the wrong food last night- mistakes do happen, but they shouldn't happen at this level of hospitalization.

Will keep you posted!

Updated AGAIN

Neala's temperature has crashed even further, so the vet took new xrays. It showed a sack of food, basically, over the PRAA 'fix' which is pushing into her lungs, which explains why her breathing looked labored to me.

They are going to put her on IV fluids asap as well as insert a feeding tube directly so she can be fed that way.

I am sad and mad and afraid, all bundled into one. I wonder if the techs feeding her regular wet kitten food, without any water, caused this. I don't know how much more this is going to cost- I thought we would break even- but it doesn't look possible. Even moreso- I was told my kitten SURVIVED surgery and now what???

I am very upset. And worried.

Checked Out... Checked In...

I'm near my breaking point, so don't mind me...

Today started great. We got up around 8 AM, called the vet hospital and we were told Neala is doing great- can we pick her up at 10 AM? No problem!

We eat breakfast, we pack up the hotel room, pack up the car. We almost checked out, but I wanted to be able to come back if needed- for whatever reason, so we didn't.

We drove down to the vet and waited for Neala. The vet tech that was checking her out said that they were feeding her kitten food, without watering it down, and she was still vomitting some of it up, but that was to be expected. I asked if she wasn't receiving Science Diet A/D and pointed out that everything I have read said it needed to be watered down to allow the esophagus to heal. The tech said that nope, they were giving her the SD Kitten and it wasn't being watered down.

I chalked it up to different opinions and took Neala and got in the car.

The moment I put my hand in her carrier to check on her, I began to worry. She felt COOL to me. Sphynxes should NEVER feel COOL to the touch. This is a very warm breed of cat. They should feel like a warm water bottle.

I was also shocked that she looked like a skeleton- I thought while on the IV and while being fed that she would at least maintain the weight she came in with, but I chalked it up to major surgery and figured things would be okay.

We went back to the hotel room since the tech said it was time for her to eat and I put her on my heating pad and fixed up Science Diet, A/D, with water mixed in. She came out and ate a little, but she just looked... bad. Her breathing seemed labored- to ME- she was open mouthed breathing from time to time.

I hate to say this, but I have seen kittens die and to me, she looked like a kitten that was going to die.

I called MY vet to ask if this was normal- my vet said no, call the surgical center. I called the surgical center and they said to bring her back in.

So we rushed her back in and I sat in the waiting room... And waited... And waited...

I will cut through the suspense for you- basically, her body temperature is 97.5 degrees. The vet did not think that was too low- I do. I've owned this breed for over five years now. Normal body temperature for a cat seems to be between 99 degrees and 101.5 degrees. So this WAS a low temperature in a VERY small kitten.

I mentioned that she was being fed SD Kitten and wasn't keeping it down- the vet said she should be receiving A/D. I told him she wasn't- per the tech- and per the open can of food they sent home with me. So then I asked for her glucose to be checked- it was a little high, but the vet did not seem concerned.

I asked about her labored breathing- he said he didn't think it was labored, but that the open mouthed breathing was probably due to basically heart burn from the esophagus being enflamed.

I asked what he would do if she was his kitten- he said he'd err on the side of caution and leave her overnight.

Bottom line- Neala was checked out and then she was checked right back in. We are leaving her there until tomorrow morning. She sounds stable, but not stable enough for ME to make a 7 hour drive with her.

So I worry... I KNOW this is major surgery and I'm sure if I was just bringing her straight home and keeping her warm, I might not be so paranoid, but I am. Oh, I am.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Post Op Update

We went to visit Neala after dinner tonight... The staff at this surgical center is wonderful and I can tell Neala already has them wrapped around her little naked paw.

I think I'm back to being nervous again. After the surgery, I started feeling light hearted and like she was definitely going to be okay, but then after seeing her, I'm back to being nervous. I don't know what I expected- she just had major surgery and who of us has had major surgery and looked wonderful six hours later?

The staff must have great faith in her since they let us see her in the 'visiting room' versus bringing us back into the ICU. She was wrapped in a blankie, but I pushed it aside to snap this photo really quick.

She was purring constantly and I'm sure it was a combination of nerves, pain, and 'take me home!'. I was told that everytime a staff member comes within 10 feet of the cage, she is up and crying, "Come see me! Come see me!" So she is getting plenty of attention.

I'm glad I saw pictures of other Sphynx who have had this surgery before Neala had hers. Yes, you heard me right- two Sphynx in Holland needed this exact same surgery THIS year. Which makes me think it may be something within the breed that we just haven't realized yet- maybe babies pass away before it's diagnosed, maybe we mislabel it and never realize the situation for what it is. I just cannot believe three kittens of the same breed in the same year have had this condition and yet it is so 'rare'. We just haven't connected the dots yet, I think.

Anyways, those pictures made me prepared for the sutures. They look horrendous, I know! She also had a tiny IV in her front paw, but that's all I saw because I was trying to keep her as bundled and warm as I could.

She seemed to get cool too fast, so I sent her back to her nice warmed cage and heating pad...

Now just have to make it through the night and see how she is tomorrow.

Our Neala

I was just getting a diet Dr Pepper to pop some Excedrin when the phone rang...

Grabbing it, "Hello?". My heart was pounding, my stomach twisting.

"Yes, is this 'Neala's Mom'?"

"Yes, this is."

SMALL TALK- it's my bane in these situations. I don't care for small talk.

"This is Dr Morgan. How are you doing?"

Really? How do you THINK I'm doing? I just want to know how NEALA is doing.

"Oh good, thanks." (Yeah, if good means having one's heart in one's throat- I'm good!)

"She's out of surgery and she's recovering just fine."



Okay, so she seemed to have a hard time coming right out of the surgery, but that was due to her size and the fact that she got a little cold (mind you- they have heated surgery tables, this thing they wrap them in post operative to keep them warm and all of these other cool warming devices- but Neala isn't a typical size for their patients. Much harder to keep a tiny thing warm!). BUT once they managed to get her nice and cozy, I guess, she bounced back really fast and she is recovering nicely now!!!

And she might even come HOME TOMORROW!!!

Will keep you updated. Don't stop thinking and praying- recovery is still a scary stage. I will pop in tonight to visit her as long as I'm allowed.

The Eventful Day

We arrived at the Veterinarian Hospital about 15 minutes prior to our appointment. Since we did not know where we were going, I wanted us to have plenty of time to arrive and therefore, we arrived with plenty of time. Paperwork was signed- account was set-up and we waited in the lobby for only a few minutes.

This center was gorgeous- it had a kids' play area with toys and blocks and plenty of seating. We were ushered into an exam room and ended up waiting only a little while for a vet tech to come and check us in.

The tech was immediately lovey with Neala. That always gives me a positive feeling- when the staff is hands-on and loving, you always feel more confident. Since Neala found her purr last night, she has not stopped purring. The tech had to literally turn on the water to get Neala to stop purring for her to obtain a heart rate.

We went over the finances- we ended up paying the low end of the surgery up front and will pay anything extra if it's needed. I know how things go- I'm sure we'll pay the high end for the surgery when all is said and done, but that's okay as long as Neala is alive and well after this surgery.

We were given the choice between CPR or no recessative efforts made, plus 'CPR Plus'. The decision was not easy, but the 'CPR Plus' involved cracking the chest wall and massaging the heart- I did not agree with that. I did sign for normal CPR if needed. I pray she does not need any recessitative help.

Finally, we met Dr Morgan. You know how you might picture a veterinarian surgeon as an old benevolent man, wrinkles, sugar-white hair with bifocals perched on his merry red nose? Oh, maybe you don't- but I do. Dr Morgan definitely breaks those stereotypes.

He is a tall man, bright eyes, and imposing gaze, with a head shorn clean of anything but the finest fuzz of hair. I can't help but think that him and Neala have that in common. He looks like he'd be more comfortable at the handles of a Harley Davidson versus doing microsurgery on a tiny animal, but you could tell he was competent by the way he spoke and handled tiny Neala.

He told us all of the issues we had already researched with the surgery. The chance that this will not solve her megaesophagus (which was secondary to the PRAA, but since her esophagus is so blown up, he thinks it may never resolve itself even after this surgery). That this was an expensive surgery that may not make 'everything right'. But we knew that going in- that she has chances of survival and chances of success and all one can do is try.

And I told him that... I told him we were taking this day by day. The first success we need is for her to survive the surgery and aftercare.

He did say 10% of all animals with PRAA either do not make it to surgery or through surgery.

I did not ask for solid odds, though, for Neala. I decided that we have been against the odds this entire time, so what's the point? Once she was diagnosed with this expensive defect, we were against the odds of ever obtaining the money to pay for this surgery. Obviously, all of you rallied and through your donations, brought us to this point. We were against the odds of finding a surgeon who would do the surgery without costing us $6000. Through the network of cat and animal lovers, we were pointed in Dr Morgan's direction. We are against the odds with Neala being barely 500 grams, but I hope once again, we beat those odds.

We should know within the next 2-3 hours how the surgery went. First, they are putting her on an IV and getting an ultrasound of her heart. Then they will continue the work-up, bloodwork, etc, check her glucose...

I will keep you updated.

She Found Her Purr

Last night, around 3 AM, I took Neala into my bed and she found her purr...

Oh, she purred and purred and purred and cuddled and purred.

We are 15 minutes from walking out the door to the surgeon and what is hopefully the rest of her life.

Will update after we drop her off.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Little Traveller

I thought this trip to Utah- wherever that is- would be short- kinda like the trip to the vet. But no! I had to pee sooo bad by the time I got my litter box and really? Trying to eat on a trip is not my style. I like to take my time, eating a bit here and a bit there- not eat on a schedule!

But I love this hotel! It's huge and I can run, run, run and throw myself at the bed and climb up it! It's so much fun! Mom set up my heating pad on my own bed, but let's be honest- what's more warm then a person to sleep with?

I'm here though- Mom says to tell everyone thank you for their thoughts. Tomorrow, my appointment with the surgeon is at 8:15, bright and early. Mom said she'll update you while I'm in the hospital, but I KNOW I'll be home on Wednesday (Mom said it might be Thursday- the vet said 24-48 hours recovery at the hospital).
(This picture was taken right before I leapt off of the bed at Mom! So much fun!)

Out the door

We are on our way out the door... The Cat Blogosphere made this for Miss Neala... We love it!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Packed and Ready to Go?

We are mostly packed... Neala is putting on weight, so that's a positive thing, but she's just at 500 grams.
We will be driving 6.5 hours to Salt Lake and then staying at a hotel with points- to save on money. Our hotel room will also have a fridge, so I have packed cold cuts and bread- breakfast is a free buffet at the hotel (thank goodness, Hubby gets points for all of his travel!). The main cost to us will be gas and dinners, plus whatever comes with the vet bill. I would expect through the donations and contest that we have it completely covered, but only time will tell. I've been blindsided, like most of you probably have, by more then one vet bill over the quoted amount.

Neala got a little Beanie Baby Crab today... He is in with her and her siblings right now and hopefully, the hospital will let him stay with her...

So say your prayers and send your positive thoughts and love to this tiny girl... I will update more tomorrow from the hotel.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's the weekend!

Tomorrow is the drawing for the gorgeous Sphynx pendant- you KNOW you want one! Come on, enter- Mom says it just takes ONE entry and you might win that awful cute pendant! (And then you will always remember me, and that's the way it should be, right?)

Mom has been running around today- she said she's getting ready for our big trip. My poop, finally, is getting decent again- thank goodness!

I know Mom is worried- I can see it in her eyes, but she tries not to talk to me about it. I think she's concerned about the surgery. I know everything is going to be okay- I was meant to be around for a long, long time!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sneak Peek at Our GORGEOUS Portrait

Okay, so Mom said it's okay for me to share this with you guys... It isn't finished yet, but this SWEET WONDERFUL LADY, Shannon, is painting this portrait of me... Well, it's kinda a mixture of me and my brother since she used my brother's picture, but is using my colors- and let's admit it, my colors are fantastic, aren't they?

Anyways, when it's finished, it will be auctioned off to help with my hospital bills! It's almost the weekend- Mom says she hopes time flies by!

And Mom also snapped a quick video of me... I think it's kinda ridiculous because I DON'T sound like that!

Contest Link: Take Two

This is Neala's Mom here- it's too early in the morning for her to be up yet.

Let me see if I can get the contest link to work for you...

Also, Neala now has a pretty index page to her site- and we are looking for other PRAA kitties, puppies, whatever you have, to add their stories- positive and not-so positive.

If the contest link does not open- you can get there from the index of her site. Like Neala said, if you donated, if you didn't donate, if you wanted to send positive thoughts because you can't (or even don't WANT to) donate- you can enter! Everyone deserves a chance for this cute pendant!

If you have donated since noon yesterday, I have added you into the contest. Since there have been some quirks, I just figured to get you guys in anyways :)

Also, please check out Fazio's Jewelry's Facebook page- she makes gorgeous Bengal cats, Savannah cats, and Sphynx pendants, but she's quickly making more breeds (and I'm pretty sure she is figuring out how to make a domestic shorthair and longhair without offending anyone (ie 'I want stripes!' 'I want spots!').!/pages/Fazios-Cat-Jewelry/121573687869681?ref=ts

I've heard there are some issues with Paypal- let me look into that. It may be the link I screwed up, I don't know. Gaaah!

Our email is You can email me directly with any issues or I think donate directly through Paypal through the email.

But let me repeat- you DON'T HAVE TO DONATE TO WIN THE PENDANT. Hee hee. Just takes ONE entry and if you email me and ask to be added to the contest, I'll add you- you never know ;)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

How Do You Fit?

Mom keeps talking about all of you good people in here, but how do you fit???

AND- please enter my contest! Honestly, you don't have to donate a dime, but please post on Fazio's site- she is a really nice lady and made the cutest Sphynx pendant. Did you know she used my Daddy as her model? Yeah, she really did!

Here is the contest link:

Even if you don't love Sphynxes- and let's be honest, would I let you on my site if you didn't?- it is such a cute cat that you could always give it to someone as a gift!

Contest Time!

Hi Everyone!

Mom said it's time to tell you about this neat contest they are having over on my webpage and on Facebook! Basically, if you have donated some of that crazy green stuff, if you were planning on donating, or if you just were able to send purrs and love and thoughts my way, you can enter! Check it out- but follow the rules!

Fazio's Cat Pendant Contest

Mom picked up some grosssss medicine that is helping clear up my poops, so I'm glad!

Oh, anyways- you want to see something cool? Do ya?

That's me! My innards! Really, isn't that neat? You can see my skull and my... esophagus-thingy majig. Mom says it shouldn't look like a balloon- she says that you can see the stricture on the second set of xrays pretty clearly. That's where my aortic arch is making it hard for me to swallow solids and keep them down.

Anyways, enough updates for now!

Poop sucks!

Neala here... I don't know what Mom has been feeding me (she says it's Science Diet A/D), but it's giving me the runs! My bum hurts like crazy- so not cool, Mom, so not cool! She wants me to tell you not to worry, she's talking to her vet about it shortly and will figure out something that will work. (Better be fast, Mom! How would you like the squirts when you have to poop???)

MOOOOMMMMM.... She says I need to work on my manners, can you IMAGINE that? Me?

Oh, that NG tube thing she had mentioned before? It's a no-go. The doctor said not to bother with it, just get in for surgery. Do you think this surgery is going to hurt? Oh, I hope not! I'm no good with pain! Then again, if I can eat that Felidae my brothers and sisters are eating- it might be worth a LITTLE pain, doncha think?

That's my morning update, but I promise updates tonight and pictures! See ya later!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Due to the kindness of strangers, Momma said, we have not only found a surgeon (what's that?) to do my surgery for a lower price, but we also are almost 75% to goal to that lower price. (Moooom- what the heck are you talking about?)

She said my surgery is scheduled for Tuesday and that we are in for a long ride, but that it's worth it.

She's been crying, but it's happy crying, so she says it's okay.

Update from Mom

Neala's Mom here...

First, if I forget to email one of you or don't respond to your question- please, it's not intentional. I am calling vet schools and surgeons, responding to as many emails as I can, working on Neala's website and this blog, and just trying not to forget something and drop one of these balls I'm juggling...

I feel miserable. My head is throbbing and I'd like to spend a day with the blanket thrown over my head. Just spoke to UC Davis, hoping to get a significantly lower price on surgery, and they said it's $4000-$5000, plus a couple hundred more for the post-op xrays.

BUT I'd like to welcome the bloggers from the Cat Blogosphere :) You are very welcome to sit down, share your stories, and hopefully, we will be able to visit your sites very soon!

I just wanted to take the time to say welcome and let you guys know- if something gets dropped, it's totally on me, but not intentional.

Feeling Down

To tell you the truth, I'm not really digging the glop anymore. My tummy really is craving some good food. Felidae would be nice, Evo... Royal Canin Babycat wouldn't be taken amiss. Some fresh chicken or hamburger sounds good too. Oh great, now my tummy's rumbling again...

Mom said I'm giving her a migraine. I don't know how- you guys know how wonderful I am!

She also said I'm losing weight (hey, I like to consider myself slim!) and that I may need a NG tube inserted. Uh, guys? What's exactly IS an NG tube? I get the feeling it's something I'm not going to enjoy!
Also, the surgery I need is going to cost 5 thousand of those silly paper green things. I mean, if you crumpled them up and threw them around the room- that might be a fun time! But Mom and her type- they just hand them to strangers and go about their day! What's the point of that? I think a room full of 5 thousand crumpled green papers would be fun to play in, don't you?
Anyways, I'm going to take a nap. Like I said, I'm feeling off today and maybe I just need some rest. My heating pad and blankie are calling!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


This is Neala's Mom, I figured I'd pop in and answer some questions people are having...

What is the condition Neala has?

Neala has Persistent Right Aortic Arch- it happens during embryonic development where archs attached to the heart are supposed to drop away. Instead, one of them encircled her esophagus and therefore, when she was weaned onto solid foods, it made it impossible for her to keep them down. Even very watered down wet food does not stay down- not even Science Diet A/D. So right now, she is on a diet of kitten glop... While it is giving her nutrition, it is not a long term solution and it is not giving her the calories she needs to play as hard as her siblings nor to fill out as much as her siblings. She also is at a very high risk of developing aspiration pneumonia because she still will vomit the glop from time to time and if she gets ahold of any kibble or wet food, she will vomit it back up (and yes, she will eat her vomit and then vomit it again and eat it again- basically, she will keep eating it until it stays down).

(My vet describes it thus, "A PRAA is a vestigal or embryonic vascular ring that if not reabsorbed, as in normal fetal development, constricts the esophagus and causes chronic regurgitation.")

Neala also has mega-esophagus, secondary to the PRAA. This basically means that her esophagus is blown up like a long balloon before the constriction and after the constriction. The concern here is that the longer it takes for her to have surgery to correct the PRAA, the greater the chance that she develops permanent nerve damage and her esophagus never returns to normal or semi-normal. If she has mega-esophagus permanently, then she will always be at a high risk for aspiration pneumonia.

Why Should I Help You?

If you don't want to help Neala out- you don't have to! That's the great thing about all of this- the people who have chosen to help in one way or another (through sharing Neala's story, giving donations, or simply supporting us in her struggles) are wonderful people who we truly appreciate. Our goal is to update this blog daily until we obtain the funds for her surgery, then update daily through her surgery and recovery and continue to update as she hopefully grows and begins to thrive.

How Do I Know This Isn't a Scam?

Well, if you know us- you know full well how much we care for our animals, but if you are like most of Neala's supporters- you don't know us and it can be scary to think you are sending your hard earned monies off into the interspaces. For that fact, we offer you our vet hospital's Facebook page- you may read about Neala there- as well as our vet hospital's web page- you can always email them and ask about Neala- they will be glad to get back to you when they have the time.

What is the Success Rate of this Surgery?

Unfortunately, almost everything published is based off of dogs- and usually very large dogs, not Chihuahuas or teacup pups. Published success rates, however, are at 90%. We have to assume since Neala is much smaller then a German Shepherd that the success rate is lower, but we are still very, very hopeful this will work.

Why Waste Money on a Kitten?

Honestly, and this may not be the best answer, but if you are asking this question- you really aren't the type who will ever 'get' this blog. The fact is- I knew this kitten before she was born, she was born into my hands... She is important to me for who she is- period. As long as she is happy and willing to fight, I am willing to fight for her. We have been pounding the pavement in every way possible since hearing about her diagnosis- not just asking for donations, but looking for surgeons who might be able or willing to do the surgery for less, calling vet hospitals and looking for other options, hosting this blog and Neala's website. Simply letting people know about this kitten and her story of PRAA...

I hope this has answered some of your questions and you understand now why this is so important to me and many other people. Neala is a unique, sweet soul that was put on this Earth for a purpose. If she survives this surgery, my hope is for her to be a therapy cat one day- to make children laugh who are undergoing painful procedures, as I'm sure her surgery will not be easy either.

Thank you for reading and keep watching for new posts... I'm sure Neala has a lot more to say!


Mom took some pictures and said I had to share them with you... I mean, of course, why not? You have nothing better to do with your time anyways- I just know it! Appreciating me should be a part of your daily routine! (Mom says I have a bit of an attitude, but really? I mean- I'm a SPHYNX CAT. People should realize how special I am!).

This first pic, I'm filthy... I mean, yeah, I'm pretty dirty now that I look at it. Geez, Mom, why didn't you give me a bath first? But Mom thinks it's cute because I climbed up on Dad's back yesterday to watch him play with the kittens. I'll share a secret with you- this is all in my plan to charm Dad! He doesnt' even know it, but I've already wormed my way into his heart!

Mom says I look kinda evil in this pic... I don't know why she thinks that! I was just kinda mad because I DID get a bath before this picture and I wasn't too pleased with it.
You can also see in this picture that I'm pretty skinny... That's because of that PRAA issue Mom keeps talking about. She said that as soon as I get my surgery, I will be able to be as big as my brothers and sisters. I sure hope so! I'm HUNGRY all of the time and although I love my milk, I really wish I could eat what everyone else gets.

Like a Panther...

SOME people look at us Sphynx and think, "Ooooh, what a pretty little fragile flower of a baby kitty, you are!"

Really? Do I LOOK delicate? How many times does it take for me to tell people, "I'm tough! I'm a fighter!"

After all, I'm just like a Florida Panther! A gorgeous, muscular sleek Florida Panther! Like this girl right here...

What? You don't believe me?

This girl, just like me, has Persistent Right Aortic Arch!!!

Or, let me rephrase that, she HAD PRAA and her wonderful family had the surgery to correct it and now look at her! Sleek and beautiful, wouldn't you say?

Just like me! Ah-ha! I caught you! I TOLD you, I'm just like a Florida Panther, didn't I?

Gosh, me and her could have some fun chasing balls? You think?

Here are pictures of her as a baby right after her surgery...

She wore the purple vest to ensure she'd stay away from her stitches, but I'm not so sure about purple for me- I don't think it's my color... Do you?
Anyways, Mom says (blah blah blah) that she will put more pictures of me up later today. I'm sure you all are itching to see me in my cuteness- I mean, who wouldn't?
See ya later!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Introduce Myself...

Hi everyone!

My name is Neala, which actually means 'female champion'- pretty cool, right?

Okay, okay, my FULL NAME (YES, MOM!) is BirthdaySuit Neala GottaHaveFaith... Mom gave me that last part, but I don't care for it so much because it's just too long- so let's still with Neala, okay?

Anyways, where was I before the PARENTAL UNIT interrupted me? Oh yeah...

I'm a female Sphynx- which means I'm pretty hairless, in case you can't see for yourself. I mean, I have a bit of hair-on my nose, but otherwise, I'm naked! I like it that way too! I mean, who wants hair all over oneself? Yuck!

I just turned 8 weeks old and for the past few weeks, I've been feeling kinda yucky. Really, it all started when Mom introduced me and my siblings to solid food.

Have you ever smelled canned cat food? HEAVENLY! And Felidae is the best- I just love it! But everytime I'd sit down to eat, scarf a few bites down, I'd get this strange feeling and I'd have to wander off and well... Yeah, this isn't too lady-like, sorry- barf!

Yep, I threw it all up. And then I'd eat it again. And barf it up. And eat it again- and by now, it was pretty squishy and it'd stay in my tummy.

Hey, don't look at me like that! Don't tell me you've never ate food off of the floor!

Anyways, Mom thought I was a bit off, but I guess she didn't realize how serious this whole thing was. So she just NOW took me to her vet... Nice lady- least, I THOUGHT she was nice... She was petting me and talking to me and talking to Mom and THEN she held me down on a cold table and tried to make me stay still! What the heck???

Mom said she was trying to take an xray without traumatizing me. Hello??? I have no fur! That table is C-O-L-D!

Well, then Mom left me with the lady vet and she put some plastic smelling thing to my face and then... I fell asleep and I really don't remember much until Mom picked me up!

Since then, Mom has been a bit of a basket case- a nut, if you ask me! She's been crying off and on and looking up this term over and over 'Persistent Right Aortic Arch'. She says that's what I have... I don't know- I just puke! Whatever fancy term you want to call it- it's all barf to me!

So that's my introduction... Mom took this great picture of me tonight so I could share it with all of you- she grumbled because I didn't have a bath beforehand, but I told her, LOOK- some people like to look at dirty pictures! She had to agree then...
Oh- Mom wanted me to add, thank you very much for all of your donations (sheesh, why so formal?). She said to keep telling people about me- why wouldn't you? I'm gorgeous!