Monday, June 21, 2010

Introduce Myself...

Hi everyone!

My name is Neala, which actually means 'female champion'- pretty cool, right?

Okay, okay, my FULL NAME (YES, MOM!) is BirthdaySuit Neala GottaHaveFaith... Mom gave me that last part, but I don't care for it so much because it's just too long- so let's still with Neala, okay?

Anyways, where was I before the PARENTAL UNIT interrupted me? Oh yeah...

I'm a female Sphynx- which means I'm pretty hairless, in case you can't see for yourself. I mean, I have a bit of hair-on my nose, but otherwise, I'm naked! I like it that way too! I mean, who wants hair all over oneself? Yuck!

I just turned 8 weeks old and for the past few weeks, I've been feeling kinda yucky. Really, it all started when Mom introduced me and my siblings to solid food.

Have you ever smelled canned cat food? HEAVENLY! And Felidae is the best- I just love it! But everytime I'd sit down to eat, scarf a few bites down, I'd get this strange feeling and I'd have to wander off and well... Yeah, this isn't too lady-like, sorry- barf!

Yep, I threw it all up. And then I'd eat it again. And barf it up. And eat it again- and by now, it was pretty squishy and it'd stay in my tummy.

Hey, don't look at me like that! Don't tell me you've never ate food off of the floor!

Anyways, Mom thought I was a bit off, but I guess she didn't realize how serious this whole thing was. So she just NOW took me to her vet... Nice lady- least, I THOUGHT she was nice... She was petting me and talking to me and talking to Mom and THEN she held me down on a cold table and tried to make me stay still! What the heck???

Mom said she was trying to take an xray without traumatizing me. Hello??? I have no fur! That table is C-O-L-D!

Well, then Mom left me with the lady vet and she put some plastic smelling thing to my face and then... I fell asleep and I really don't remember much until Mom picked me up!

Since then, Mom has been a bit of a basket case- a nut, if you ask me! She's been crying off and on and looking up this term over and over 'Persistent Right Aortic Arch'. She says that's what I have... I don't know- I just puke! Whatever fancy term you want to call it- it's all barf to me!

So that's my introduction... Mom took this great picture of me tonight so I could share it with all of you- she grumbled because I didn't have a bath beforehand, but I told her, LOOK- some people like to look at dirty pictures! She had to agree then...
Oh- Mom wanted me to add, thank you very much for all of your donations (sheesh, why so formal?). She said to keep telling people about me- why wouldn't you? I'm gorgeous!



    This organization helps with emergency pet care. Dont know the criteria, but maybe something to check out? Good luck pretty kitty!

  2. Awe, poor Neala, I feel for ya hon. Praying a lot to that you will get what you need and be healthy and grow up BIG!! Hang in there, baby Neala, lot of people counting on ya!!
    Much love and nikked Hugs

  3. Beautiful Neala (and her mom), you hang in there baby girl! We love you and we are gonna do this! Much love to you and your mom-

  4. HI, NIce to see another hairless cat like me on the CB. I have health problems too, and mom knows what your mom is going through. We will be purring and praying for you to get well and for you to get the green papers you need. Hang in there.

  5. Hi Neala,

    I am so sorry to hear about your situation :(
    Instead of trying to raise such a huge amount of money, aren't there any nice doctors around there who would not charge you an arm and a leg? I know that here in Montreal, you can sometimes find good hearted vets who do what they do for the love of animals and not money. Since yours is such a rare and interesting case, you may be able to find someone....just a thought.

    We wish you all the best and send you angels.
    Irina, Lulu, Albert, Moka, Bruce Lee and Dusty

  6. Hi Neala, we are very pleased to meet you. We read about you on the CB. We are purring you gets to have your surgery soon and are able to eat. ~Artemisia, Scylla, & Socks (THE CATS) & Our Doggie, Fenris