Thursday, June 24, 2010

Contest Time!

Hi Everyone!

Mom said it's time to tell you about this neat contest they are having over on my webpage and on Facebook! Basically, if you have donated some of that crazy green stuff, if you were planning on donating, or if you just were able to send purrs and love and thoughts my way, you can enter! Check it out- but follow the rules!

Fazio's Cat Pendant Contest

Mom picked up some grosssss medicine that is helping clear up my poops, so I'm glad!

Oh, anyways- you want to see something cool? Do ya?

That's me! My innards! Really, isn't that neat? You can see my skull and my... esophagus-thingy majig. Mom says it shouldn't look like a balloon- she says that you can see the stricture on the second set of xrays pretty clearly. That's where my aortic arch is making it hard for me to swallow solids and keep them down.

Anyways, enough updates for now!


  1. Oh wow! That's a furry interesting photo of your innards, Neala! We're so glad to hear the meds are helping your poops, sweetheart!!

  2. That is a cool picture. We don't have pictures like that. Glad the meds are helping you. I appreciate you keeping us posted. We are excited about your suregery and that you will be all well soon!

  3. Hi Neala,

    We are trying to donate/enter the contest, but are getting an error message from paypal...
    Can you please contact us? You can just leave us a message on our bloggie!
    Many hugs!
    Happy Cat Family

  4. Neala, your insides are very cool! I'm glad your pooper is getting better.

  5. Glad the medicine is helping your pooper get better.

  6. That is one cool picture of your insides!!! We are purring up a storm for you!

  7. Very interesting picture...I hope the docs are able to fix the problem!! Sending purrs your way.

  8. You are so beautiful...I do hope all will be better with you soon sweet little girl.
    Love and purrrs from the cozy cottageXOXOXOX

  9. The picture of your insides is way cool. I am glad that the medicine is helping your poop. I know all about poop problems and they stink. I am sending you lots of healing purrs and my Mom is praying for you.


  10. Hi you should meet my brother Maxie He has an esophagus Srutrure too. what happend is Maxie went to the dentist and regatted under anstistia also had a hair ball and he got esophotigitis and when his espohtigtuis healed he had a sturter so he could not eat. useding and Endscop and two bloon diation procderes he can now eat mooshied can food. We had a PEG tube but it broke so he need to eat him self. We we about to do a 6000 only done one time prodcder called a stent. So far since May 20 mama has spent over 6000 in medical bills for Maxie