Thursday, June 24, 2010

Poop sucks!

Neala here... I don't know what Mom has been feeding me (she says it's Science Diet A/D), but it's giving me the runs! My bum hurts like crazy- so not cool, Mom, so not cool! She wants me to tell you not to worry, she's talking to her vet about it shortly and will figure out something that will work. (Better be fast, Mom! How would you like the squirts when you have to poop???)

MOOOOMMMMM.... She says I need to work on my manners, can you IMAGINE that? Me?

Oh, that NG tube thing she had mentioned before? It's a no-go. The doctor said not to bother with it, just get in for surgery. Do you think this surgery is going to hurt? Oh, I hope not! I'm no good with pain! Then again, if I can eat that Felidae my brothers and sisters are eating- it might be worth a LITTLE pain, doncha think?

That's my morning update, but I promise updates tonight and pictures! See ya later!


  1. Oh that stinks that it is bothering your tummy! We don't have any ideas, but we do send some extra purrs and prayers for that to clear up!

    That is interesting they said to just do the surgery - we don't know a lot about that stuff but that sounds like a good thing to us - less to go through. And the surgery won't hurt while you do it - they make you go to sleep and you don't even know it happened (we can only base this on our spay/neutering but we don't remember it). We think you might be a little sore after but they usually give you stuff to fix that too - but we will be purring for you the whole time of course! And we think you are right about a little bit of pain being worth it to enjoy the super tasty foods you love!

  2. Neala, you sure are a cutie! We got Meowm to donate a little wasn't much, but we wanted to help a little. We will be purring for you!!!

  3. Neala, we're rooting for you to come through your surgery able to eat.

  4. Oh, Neala, we are purring and praying real hard for you.