Friday, June 25, 2010

Contest Link: Take Two

This is Neala's Mom here- it's too early in the morning for her to be up yet.

Let me see if I can get the contest link to work for you...

Also, Neala now has a pretty index page to her site- and we are looking for other PRAA kitties, puppies, whatever you have, to add their stories- positive and not-so positive.

If the contest link does not open- you can get there from the index of her site. Like Neala said, if you donated, if you didn't donate, if you wanted to send positive thoughts because you can't (or even don't WANT to) donate- you can enter! Everyone deserves a chance for this cute pendant!

If you have donated since noon yesterday, I have added you into the contest. Since there have been some quirks, I just figured to get you guys in anyways :)

Also, please check out Fazio's Jewelry's Facebook page- she makes gorgeous Bengal cats, Savannah cats, and Sphynx pendants, but she's quickly making more breeds (and I'm pretty sure she is figuring out how to make a domestic shorthair and longhair without offending anyone (ie 'I want stripes!' 'I want spots!').!/pages/Fazios-Cat-Jewelry/121573687869681?ref=ts

I've heard there are some issues with Paypal- let me look into that. It may be the link I screwed up, I don't know. Gaaah!

Our email is You can email me directly with any issues or I think donate directly through Paypal through the email.

But let me repeat- you DON'T HAVE TO DONATE TO WIN THE PENDANT. Hee hee. Just takes ONE entry and if you email me and ask to be added to the contest, I'll add you- you never know ;)

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  1. How are you feeling sweetie! I am purring and praying for you. Keep us posted.