Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Update from Mom

Neala's Mom here...

First, if I forget to email one of you or don't respond to your question- please, it's not intentional. I am calling vet schools and surgeons, responding to as many emails as I can, working on Neala's website and this blog, and just trying not to forget something and drop one of these balls I'm juggling...

I feel miserable. My head is throbbing and I'd like to spend a day with the blanket thrown over my head. Just spoke to UC Davis, hoping to get a significantly lower price on surgery, and they said it's $4000-$5000, plus a couple hundred more for the post-op xrays.

BUT I'd like to welcome the bloggers from the Cat Blogosphere :) You are very welcome to sit down, share your stories, and hopefully, we will be able to visit your sites very soon!

I just wanted to take the time to say welcome and let you guys know- if something gets dropped, it's totally on me, but not intentional.


  1. Hi My name is laura you might have heard of my cats Lilly Lu Iris and Maxie. My Maxie was very sick by a bad deist and he landed up with aspration phomina/ epphouiss and streture that when they heal too agressively. He just started to eat AD. I know all about vet bill I take Maxie to Tufts and we spent over 6000 so far, It was thought he need a 6000 sugery that is the only cure but if he can eat ad then we okay for now !!! Maxie had a PEG tube it requires alot of work and it cloged alot If your getting a feeding tube get coke. Maxie tube broke this week so he had no choice but to eat

  2. Don't worry - all us cat mom's out here understand that you have a lot to deal with right now - we are all out here sending lots of supportive thoughts your way.