Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Like a Panther...

SOME people look at us Sphynx and think, "Ooooh, what a pretty little fragile flower of a baby kitty, you are!"

Really? Do I LOOK delicate? How many times does it take for me to tell people, "I'm tough! I'm a fighter!"

After all, I'm just like a Florida Panther! A gorgeous, muscular sleek Florida Panther! Like this girl right here...

What? You don't believe me?

This girl, just like me, has Persistent Right Aortic Arch!!!

Or, let me rephrase that, she HAD PRAA and her wonderful family had the surgery to correct it and now look at her! Sleek and beautiful, wouldn't you say?

Just like me! Ah-ha! I caught you! I TOLD you, I'm just like a Florida Panther, didn't I?

Gosh, me and her could have some fun chasing balls? You think?

Here are pictures of her as a baby right after her surgery...

She wore the purple vest to ensure she'd stay away from her stitches, but I'm not so sure about purple for me- I don't think it's my color... Do you?
Anyways, Mom says (blah blah blah) that she will put more pictures of me up later today. I'm sure you all are itching to see me in my cuteness- I mean, who wouldn't?
See ya later!

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