Monday, June 28, 2010

Little Traveller

I thought this trip to Utah- wherever that is- would be short- kinda like the trip to the vet. But no! I had to pee sooo bad by the time I got my litter box and really? Trying to eat on a trip is not my style. I like to take my time, eating a bit here and a bit there- not eat on a schedule!

But I love this hotel! It's huge and I can run, run, run and throw myself at the bed and climb up it! It's so much fun! Mom set up my heating pad on my own bed, but let's be honest- what's more warm then a person to sleep with?

I'm here though- Mom says to tell everyone thank you for their thoughts. Tomorrow, my appointment with the surgeon is at 8:15, bright and early. Mom said she'll update you while I'm in the hospital, but I KNOW I'll be home on Wednesday (Mom said it might be Thursday- the vet said 24-48 hours recovery at the hospital).
(This picture was taken right before I leapt off of the bed at Mom! So much fun!)


  1. Oh, sweetie, Neala, I know you will be home soon, too. You are the cutest little thing with your pretty face.
    We are dedicating our bloggie to you tomorrow and the CB has declared it Purring fur Neala Day.
    Hug your beans and Mr. Crabbie.
    My cell phone died AGAIN. I emailed my home number, I have free long distance, just let me know.
    Mom ML & The Sherwood Bunch

  2. Hello little traveler. You are in good hands and I know you will do just fine and sail through your surgery. You are a Sphynx after all. We are made of fine stock, Keep your little chin up and all will be well soon. Purring and praying for you Sweet Neala!

  3. Have fun tonight, Neala. We're all purrring for you and your beans.

  4. Hi Neala! We came over from the Cat Blogosphere to let you know we're sending you and your humans all our purrs and good thoughts!

    XXX from Franklin, Dobby, and Tasha

  5. I'm sending very special purrs that your surgery is a success!

  6. Dearest sweet little wonderful to meet you. I know you will be better again in no time at all agter your surgery. Do not be afraid of it. You will sleep and wake up a little sore and then it will be all down hill into Bettersville!
    Wishing you a speedy recovery and a very safe trippy back home from the cozy cottage and Misses Peach

  7. I know that you will be home soon, too, Neala. I am sending you my best healing purrs.


  8. Mega-purrs from us, the crew at Fuzzy Tales! And lots of universal healing Light from our human. Paws crossed for you, Neala!

  9. We will be thinking of you sweet girl. You have touched the lives of so many people. Wishing you all the best, we love you!
    Heidi, Harry and Lady Godiva
    Kansas city, MO

  10. you will be in our prayers day and night! be strong and you'll be fine my friend :)

    lots of love,

  11. What a little sweetie you are!! We'll be purring for you today!

  12. Lots of purrs and prayers from us too. You will do just great with the surgery. We will all keep our paws crossed too. And hugs to the beans.

  13. We are purring like crazy around here for YOU! You are just adorable!!!

    Love, uSSSSS

  14. Good luck today, little Neala! I cannot wait until the procedure is done and you are feeling better every day!

  15. We're purring and praying Neela - and we did a post asking all our blog friend to do that too!!