Thursday, June 24, 2010

How Do You Fit?

Mom keeps talking about all of you good people in here, but how do you fit???

AND- please enter my contest! Honestly, you don't have to donate a dime, but please post on Fazio's site- she is a really nice lady and made the cutest Sphynx pendant. Did you know she used my Daddy as her model? Yeah, she really did!

Here is the contest link:

Even if you don't love Sphynxes- and let's be honest, would I let you on my site if you didn't?- it is such a cute cat that you could always give it to someone as a gift!


  1. That is so nice of you. We will stop by and enter. Hope you are feeling better tonight. Sweet dreams!

  2. Hey, Neala. Glad to know things are going your way a bit. We're still purrrrring & purrraying for you.

    We had some problems with your contest, though. The link on this page was messed up, and we're not sure if we entered the contest or not. We used the donate button at the bottom of the contest page, and we never saw anyplace to say 'FOR THE DRAWING'. Not a bit deal for us -- with five of use, none of us are are ever likely to get to wear the pendant anyway, but we thought you might want to know.


  3. Hi Neala!
    I am Carolina, Jacky's friend from TCS... Nice to meet you... She had told me about you, and I am so, SO happy to read these good news! I am donating now, and I hope your meowmy gets all the money she needs for your surgery...
    Much love, and good luck honey!
    Happy Cat Family
    Happy Cat Family